Operating The Board

WHAT IF MY MOZZIE DOESN’T RESPOND PROPERLY WHILE I AM TRYING TO GET ON IT? If your feet are too close together the unit may not have properly detected your weight. Try moving your feet more outwards. If the problem persists, turn the unit off and on. If the problem persists, please call customer support. WHAT DO THE DIFFERENT COLORS ON THE POWER BUTTON OF THE MOZZIE MEAN? Orange: The unit is calibrating Blue: One foot is detected and the unit will begin to balance once the other foot is detected Yellow: One foot is detected but the unit will NOT begin to balance until it is more upright and the light is blue Green: The unit is ready to ride, both feet are detected. Flashing Orange: batteries are at low and critical levels Red and Pink alternating: The unit is in fault mode. Try turning it off and on; if the problem persists call customer support. CAN I RIDE THE MOZZIE WITH ONE FOOT? No. The Mozzie proprietary stability feature means that it will not begin operating until pressure is placed on both foot pads.

Charging, Range & Battery

HOW MUCH POWER DOES THE LED LIGHTING AND PLAYING THE MUSIC USE? The power used by the lights and the music, even loudly, has a negligible impact on battery life. DO I NEED TO WORRY ABOUT POWER SURGES DESTROYING THE BATTERY DURING RECHARGE? No, the charging unit and the Battery Management System (BMS) fully protect the battery systems in the Mozzie . Steady sources above 36.5VDC, however, can damage the Mozzie electronics. Only use Mozzie approved chargers. HOW LONG DOES THE BATTERY LAST? All Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries degrade slightly over the years and cycles. This will vary significantly based on use, but the Mozzie uses best-in-class SafeEdge battery technology. Most likely, your battery packs will still be going strong when you want to replace the Mozzie for a more advanced model. LET’S SAY I’M RUNNING LOW ON BATTERY POWER BUT THINK I CAN MAKE IT HOME. WHAT TECHNIQUES CAN I USE TO CONSERVE MY POWER USAGE? Straight and level riding without a lot of change in speed helps a lot. Carrying it uphill and riding it downhill will actually increase the charge. DOES THE BATTERY GET RECHARGED WHILE I’M RIDING DOWNHILL? Yes, the Mozzie has “Regenerative Braking”, so when you are going downhill, or decelerating on the flat, charge gets passed back to the batteries. HOW DOES HILLY TERRAIN IMPACT MY RANGE? Going uphill takes a lot of power, but going down the other side can put most of that power back into the batteries. Therefore, hills will reduce range, but the net difference between the elevation of the starting and ending points is the most relevant. HOW DO I KNOW HOW MUCH CHARGE I HAVE LEFT? There are a couple of ways to tell how much power you have remaining. The phone app will show the remaining charge as well as outlining a number of other important performance features of the Board. Also, the Power Button will flash Orange when the Mozzie’s battery level reached low and critical levels. HOW MANY MILES DO I GET FROM A CHARGE? Range depends on many factors such as speed, wind, surface condition, riding style, etc. However, normally, on the standard battery, the rider should expect 8 to 10 miles (approximately 13 to 16 kilometers) of range under ideal conditions.

Maintenance & Upgrades

HOW CAN I KEEP UP WITH THE LATEST MOZZIE MODULAR OFFERINGS AND UPGRADES? Make sure you enter your email address at www.mozzie.com and you will be alerted to all new product developments. IS THERE ANY KIND OF RIDING SURFACE I MIGHT ENCOUNTER THAT WOULD INTERFERE WITH THE MOZZIE LOAD SENSING TECHNOLOGY — IN OTHER WORDS, ITS ABILITY TO WORK PROPERLY? Not really. Basically, any surface the Mozzie could ride on will be conducive to the sensing technology. However, you need to be careful about riding the Mozzie on some surfaces (e.g. on sand or through water) to protect the body and the motors. Riding on inconsistent surfaces will impede the performance of the board and may damage it irreparably (see below). DO I NEED TO WORRY ABOUT DUST, SAND OR MUD? Yes. Although the Mozzie is extensively sealed, you should not ride it through sand, mud or water. WHAT IF MY MOZZIE GETS WET? WHAT IF IT IS ENTIRELY SUBMERGED? Water-splash on the Mozzie should be fine. However we do not recommend that you ride it on a wet pavement or in the rain. If, for some reason, your Mozzie gets totally submerged, it must NOT be turned-on until it has fully dried out. IS THERE ANY REGULARLY SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE I SHOULD PERFORM ON MY MOZZIE? No regular maintenance is required on the Mozzie.

Learning To Ride

HOW DO YOU LEARN TO RIDE THE MOZZIE? Before you begin to learn, ensure that you are wearing a helmet and protective padding. The best way is to have a long flat path with something to hold onto, like a wall or, even better, a railing. Just stand on the Mozzie with your feet on the edge of the pads, pressed against the inside of the wheels and your hands on something solid; you will immediately feel its response. After a while, move slowly back and forth while still holding on. Get a feel for how to accelerate and decelerate. The Mozzie is like a bike in that you cannot stay on unless it is moving. Turning, and even just staying-on at low speeds is done by twisting your waist, pointing the board (while you are moving) in the direction you start to lean. At higher speeds, turning is accomplished by shifting your weight, just like a skateboard. After a while, these actions become second-nature and as you get very proficient, you come to learn how truly nimble the Mozzie can be. ONCE YOU’VE LEARNED, IS THE MOZZIE EASY TO RIDE? Yes, mastering the Mozzie is getting to the point where it becomes completely natural. Very subtle body movements allow you to completely control the Mozzie so, once you start to relax and have fully learned that feeling, it is actually very easy. Turning may feel difficult in the beginning, sometimes with the rider resorting to using their arms. However, over time, arm movements give way to subtle shifts in the body’s positioning and strategic tilting of the board.



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