This Red Mozzie Hoverboard is the next generation in personal mobility, designed to enhance rider enjoyment and safety. Mozzie is the only hoverboard on the market that does not use conventional, highly flammable, Lithium Ion batteries. Instead the Mozzie utilizes state-of-the-art SafeEdge Lithium Phosphate technology. Mozzie’s TruRide ™ auto self-balancing board, with proprietary SafeEdge battery technology rides faster, smoother and longer ensuring a thrilling adventure for all.


The Mozzie hoverboard comes with Bluetooth speaker technology, custom colored lights that sync to your music and an IOS and Android app. The App allows the rider to completely control and track his or her ride including customizing the sensitivity of the Mozzie to allow for different personal preferences. All these features make the Mozzie Hoverboard the best board available on the market today.

Mozzie Hoverboard 279

$449.00 Regular Price
$279.00Sale Price
    • SAFE POWER SOURCE: uses SafeEdge battery technology
    • STABILITY: automatically locks when getting on and off for safe easy use
    • SUPERIOR RIDE HANDLING: TruRide single platform for no “speed wobbles”
    • LED HEAD & TAIL LIGHTS: Light it up while you ride (choose from MILLIONS of colors)
    • EASILY PORTABLE: the Mozzie features large built-in handles
    • 8 INCH WHEELS: offering a superior ride
    • BUILT IN SPEAKERS: offering top quality sound
    • 90 DAY WARRANTY: easy to register



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