Mozzie Press

The unique and exceptional Mozzie Hoverboard has been getting a lot of attention in the press. Some of the articles written about us include:

The Mozzie Is Receiving Rave Reviews

"It’s the safest hoverboard out there, and when you’re done, a pair of sizeable affixed handles make it a breeze to transport." (Gear Culture)

"The app that controls your Mozzie Hoverboard is what really sets this one apart. With the app you control the entire ride experience, which means it grows with you as you learn how to ride." (

"This thing is tons of fun to ride! It drives and feels like a handle-less Segway." (Geek Dad)

"Mozzie boards are host to a revamped and updated design from the hoverboards of the past." (Stupid Dope)

"Cutting Edge Products is about to enrich your travel time with their new Mozzie hoverboard. Built with intricate components, this hoverboard is satisfying for hover fans." (

"If you’ve been hanging onto the idea of finding a hoverboard that is safe, reliable, and easy-to-use, then take note of rising star Mozzie Hoverboards." (

"Mozzie hoverboard comes with lights, action and a low price." (CNET)

"Mozzie is a brand-new company that will change all preconceived notions of hoverboards and get things headed in the right direction." (



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