About Mobile App

The Mozzie App allows the rider to fully customize his or her riding experience by altering the appearance and handling of the Board. It also allows the rider to view various metrics about the performance and state of the Board. You can download the Mozzie App.


Users can customize the color of the forward and backward lights, in addition to the light mode. There are three settings for the light mode:

“Fixed”: holds the color of the lights constant,

“Steering”: causes the lights to interact and move rhythmically with the Board, and

“Music”: enables the lights to dance along with the audio being played through the Bluetooth speakers and remain fixed when no music is playing.


The sensitivity of the Board can be customized to the rider’s preference. The rider can combine the sliders to the precise sensitivity and feel that he or she prefers. Again, there are three key elements:

The “Top Speed” slider enables the rider to limit the top speed of the Mozzie Board; this is useful for new and inexperienced riders.

The “Balance” slider controls the force that the Board uses to keep the rider upright. Tuning the Balance slider towards “More Stable” gives a steady ride suitable for higher speeds and less even surfaces, while tuning towards “Agile” gives the Board increased responsiveness and is best used on smooth flat surfaces.

The “Steering” slider controls how much force the user needs to use in order to turn the device. “More Stable” steering is recommended for beginners and less confident riders. “More Agile” steering makes the board change direction quicker and turn faster with less effort from the rider.

It is strongly recommended that riders install the Mozzie App and use it to check for updates periodically. The Mozzie software is constantly evolving and always improving; update it with the app to get the latest and greatest features.



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