Mozzie Features

The Mozzie is generation 2.0 for hoverboards. It’s TruRide™ stability and SafeEdge ™ battery technology are unique to Mozzie. The result is a faster, smoother, safer and longer ride than with other hoverboards.

What Makes Mozzie Unique

When we designed the Mozzie, we set out to build the safest hoverboard available. Utilizing our proprietary TruRide™ Stability board and SafeEdge™ battery technology a safe hoverboard is no longer a thing of future. The Mozzie is safety and fun in one unique package. 

TruRide™ Stability

When compared to other hoverboards, the Mozzie is the safest hoverboard option around. It consists of proprietary self-balancing technology that provides the rider with superior stability, allowing you to simply enjoy the ride rather than focus on balancing yourself. Mozzie's superior technology is a cut above the rest.

SafeEdge™ Battery

Our proprietary SafeEdge battery delivers not only more power to the board but, unlike conventional Lithium Ion technology, is a completely safe power source. The result is a more powerful, longer and safer ride.

Mozzie Features

Safe Power Source

Rechargeable and non-combustible SafeEdge battery technology (more detail on batteries).

TruRide® Stability

A stable and responsive board that automatically locks when getting on and off (more detail on TruRide).

LED Head and Tail Lights

The Mozzie Hoverboard Bluetooth lights consist of bright long lasting LED lights in millions of colors. The lights move with the sound from the speakers or the movement of the board (more detail on lights).


Hands down, the best Hoverboard with Speakers. Powerful built-in Bluetooth speakers allow your music to accompany you on the ride (more detail on speakers).


Rugged 8-inch wheels for a variety of terrain.

Portability/Built in Handles

The built in handles not only make for ultimate portability, they’re ergonomically integrated into the design of the board, so they take nothing away from the ride (more detail on handle).

Bluetooth App

Customize your ride completely and download additional Mozzie features as we develop them (more detail on App).



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