The Future Of Hoverboards Is Here

The Future Is Here

Mozzie is unique personal mobility technology that allows users to have a customizable, stable and safe hoverboard experience. With app adjustable handling settings, the Mozzie offers superior levels of ride personalization and
evolves with software updates, enabling it to continually enhance its riding features.

Endless Options

Change the color of the Mozzie LED lights and select which interactive mode to use

The Hoverboard Reimagined

The Mozzie Hoverboard is created by using state of the art technology. Incorporating features like SafeEdge™ battery technology, TruRide™ Stability, Bluetooth Speakers and App, the Mozzie is a more exciting and safer option than any other hoverboard.

Safe Power Source


Rechargable non-combustible SafeEdge battery technology.

Auto Lock System

Automatically locks when getting on/off

Changeable LED Head & Tail Lights

Equipped with bright long-lasting LED lights in millions of colors.

Bluetooth Speakers

Ride in style! The Mozzie has two best-in-class Bluetooth

speakers built right into the board.

Featuring TruRide™ Stability

Unlike other hoverboards, the platform is comprised of a single solid board, which responds to the weight of the rider. The board is automatically self balancing, meaning it provides natural stability allowing the rider to concentrate less on their balance and more on enjoying the ride.

Made In The USA

The Mozzie Hoverboard is, hands down, the best bluetooth hoverboard on sale today. There are hundreds of other hoverboards for sale online, but they are cheap Chinese knock offs. The Mozzie was 100% designed in the US and is, without doubt, is the most advanced self balancing scooter. If you are looking for the best hoverboard experience, you can’t do better than the Mozzie.



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